KIA Seizes Two Strategic Camps Along China Border

On Thursday, the Kachin Independence Army (KIA) captured the strategic Mada Bum (also known as Falang Bum) and Yaw Yung Bum military camps from the Burma army. Bang Yau Bum and Shang Tai Bum camps also in the area next to the China were seized on the same day.

According to an anonymous frontline KIA soldier, the day before, allied armed forces attacked five Burma army camps around Loije, seizing three outposts.

The Burma army has reportedly suffered heavy casualties over the two days, and some soldiers have deserted their posts. The KIA arrested some of them, but exact numbers aren’t known.

Yaw Yung Bum, the larger of the two camps, which are about 3 miles apart, frequently fired shells into the Loije area.

A local, also requesting anonymity, pointed out that Mada and Yaw Yung camps protect the regime soldiers stationed in a police station and a small camp in Loije, approximately 48 miles from Momauk in Bhamo District, an essential trade area. When the KIA captured the two camps, it effectively took control of the border town without needing to attack it.

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