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KACHIN NEWS GROUP (KNG) was founded in 2003 in the border are of India and Myanmar. Later it was move to Chiangmai, Thailand. In 2006, RFA Kachin Radio was beginning broadcasting and later, it has been publishing with three languages such as ” Jinghpaw, Burmese and English ” through online website Kachin News Group.

The Corporation is organized and will be operated exclusively for charitable and educational purpose including: fostering and promoting the highest quality investigative and public service journalism by means of, among other things, providing administrative and editorials.

After the coup in Myanmar on February 1, 2021, KNG journalists were reporting daily public movements across the state. Since the junta force tried to arrest journalists, KNG staffs also flee to border area and liberated area. Currently, KNG continuously publishing daily news with three language, Jinghpaw, Burmese and English. Moreover, KNG Radio can be listened on Short Wave radio 16 M (17.73MHz) daily.

 KNG Values

  • Being independence news agency
  • Presenting the public voices
  • Broadcasting and featuring the original news


KNG will present the truth in order to achieve equality and justice. To became peaceful union country which base on the federal democracy system and the society where the ethnic and indigenous people are enjoy with human rights and indigenous rights within the state.


  • Presenting the voices of local people (Indigenous) to respective audience and international community through news media.
  • Investigating and presenting by networking and coordinating with local organizations in order to achieve justice and human rights


KNG’s objectives are:

  1. Presenting news
  2. Advising
  3. Entertaining

Code of Ethics

  1. The news should be based on facts and information where truthfulness can be checked and should not be based on the feeling or emotion.
  2. When requesting information, the journalist must introduce himself/herself; name the media group that he/she represents.
  3. A named source is needed in a news story and if resource person anonymous it is preferable referencing more than one source for that news.
  4. If a resource person did not allow putting his/her name and address, the reporter must avoid using his/her real name.
  5. A journalist must not cover a subjective news story, in exchange of money, opportunity, bribe, souvenir or gift.
  6. When covering wrong news, put correction or apology immediately.
  7. A journalist must be cautious, not to call a person facing a trial as a convict before the judge made a decision.
  8. A journalist must not be informer of Special Police.
  9. A journalist must keep away from reporting groundless propaganda caused by influential power of a political party or a business group or a governmental office,
  10. A journalist must avoid discrimination, condemnation and prejudice rooted in race, religion, gender and sexual orientation, political belief, economic background and social setting, while writing a news story or commentary.
  11. When a journalist covers news stories on women, children and disable persons, he needs to know and follow the respective laws. Must not take the photo and video without permission of parent.
  12. If there is no reliable confirmation, a journalist must not take news stories from the social media such as Facebook and personal blogs.
  13. News, articles, photos and pictures which disgrace human rights and not appropriate for children such as bleeding blood, violence, and sexual instigation must be discarded from publishing.
  14. Racial, religious and ideological news stories or commentaries, video and photos that fueled social disorders must be avoided from publishing.

Contact Us:

Email: contact@kachinnews.com
Facebook Messenger: http://m.me/theKachinNews 

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