Five Civilians Killed by Junta Jet Fighter in Mansi Township

A military regime airstrike killed five civilians and seriously injured two at a vehicle terminal in Mansi Township at 1:30 am on Monday. 

A woman told KNG that the driver and passengers were attacked by a jet fighter in Janmai, between Mansi and Loije (also spelled as Lweje) towns, where there was no fighting. She said the village is a small settlement between Dingsing Pa and Mansii, where trucks transporting timber often stop for the night. She couldn’t provide the exact number of damaged cars from the airstrike that created a large hole in the pavement.

 When the attack happened, “The road shook!” the woman exclaimed.

 People suspect that the regime targeted the village after suffering many casualties following the capture of its Sinlum strategic hilltop camp in the township by the Kachin Independence Army and People’s Defence Force. Athough the camp is in the same township, it is quite far from Janmai.

 The KIA has captured many regime positions from the military regime in recent months.

 Last week, the armed group captured the strategic Mada Bum (also known as Falang Bum) and Yaw Yung Bum military camps. Bang Yau Bum and Shang Tai Bum camps also in the area next to the China were seized on the same day. 

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