Military Council Attacks Hundreds of Buildings in Momauk and Mansi

Over 200 buildings have been damaged in Momauk and Mansi as the regime deliberately targets civilian homes in the towns in Bhamo District after the Kachin Independence Army (KIA) and its allied forces have nearly liberated them from Burma army troops after 10 days of intensive clashes.

A Mansi man suspects that at least 20 houses have been engulfed in flames and nothing is left of them, while 50 are damaged but still standing. However, as it’s still too dangerous to return home because of the Military Council’s bombardments, he can’t access the full scale of destruction in the town in Kachin State.

The KIA and allies engaged in fierce clashes with Light Infantry Battalion (LIB) 319 and 601 in the town from May 17 to 18.

In Momauk, the groups clashed with LIB 437, where according to a woman almost 200 buildings have been damaged or destroyed, including a church, school, and the Myoma Market.

“Many houses along the road were destroyed when clashes broke out in Momauk. Myoma Market and nearby homes were burned by artillery attacks and airstrikes.”

KIA and People’s Defence Force have seized the police station and most of the military outposts in Momauk and in Mansi they have also taken the police station and the Walaungla military outpost.

Clashes between the resistance and regime continue in the countryside between Bhamo and Momauk and Bhamo and Mansi, moving closer to the regime-controlled Bhamo.

According to Col Naw Bu, the spokesperson for the Kachin Independence Organisation, which is the KIA’s political wing, the Military Council is using drones, aircraft, and artillery to defend its remaining positions during a two-day lull in fighting in Mansi and Momauk where most of the civilian population has fled but some people remain trapped.

Although civilian casualties have been reported, KNG couldn’t ascertain how many before press time.

Col Naw Bu said sixty percent sought shelter in Bhamo and the Burma army hasn’t prevented them from entering the town. Others have fled to the jungles or other villages where they are struggling.

Some from Momauk fled to Dawthponyang, Myo Thit, Konlaw, Chyahkan Dap, 17-Miles, Zaibru Jang Mare, Sampa, Nawngkio, Nawngpon, Numlang area and along the Nam Phet creek.

People from Mansi are sheltering at N’bapa and Ding Singpa.

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