Airstrike Kills Momauk Man, Injures Spouse and Mother-in-law 

A man was killed when a junta jet fighter bombed a house and shop in Myo Thit, Momauk Township, on May 13 in the evening.

“A bomb hit a civilian house, which sells cold drinks, near Myo Thit Hospital. U Yaw (also called U Aung Naing Win), the homeowner, was killed on the spot, and his wife and mother-in-law suffered serious injuries,” a man informed KNG.

The spouse, Cherry Phyo, and his mother-in-law, Thaung Tin, are being treated by Kachin Independence Organisation (KIO) medics.

The jet fighter deployed from the capital, Myitkyina, totally destroyed their home during the second airstrike against the village this month. On May 7, an airstrike targeted a hospital in the village where no fighting has been reported for over a month.

“After the KIA (Kachin Independence Army) started an offensive operation against the Military Council, it has attacked the area with airstrikes,” he said.

The KIA, which is the armed wing of the KIO, has already seized over 40 vital regime camps around Momauk, Dawtphonyang, Laiza, and Momauk in Kachin State. Junta airstrikes have destroyed at least 100 homes in Myo Thit, Dawtphonyang, Konlaw, Numlang, Nawng Kon, and Sihak.

Currently, the Kachin armed group is attacking enemy forces in Mansi and Momauk to capture the towns.

Fighting is happening in 16 of 18 townships in the state, with many clashes in Hpakant Township. This year, only Nogmug and Hkawng Langphu are peaceful.

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