Bhamo To Loije Highway Reopens

Travel on the Bhamo-Loije highway has resumed after heavy rains that caused flooding and landslides brought traffic to a standstill in the region in Kachin State.

At the end of June, bridge No. 1/47 between mileposts 28 and 29 collapsed, so no buses or trucks passed through this area until 5 July.

“Buses and trucks have resumed using the road from Bhamo to Loije, but yesterday (Tuesday, June 5) only small vehicles were allowed to use the bridge. Today all vehicles can use the road,” a lorry driver told KNG on condition that his name not be mentioned.

The bad weather also damaged a 150-foot dirt road near milepost No. 44, which was repaired by the government and construction company Hom Sheng Jian.

Another driver, who also requested anonymity, said the road from Bhamo to Loije is important for transporting rice, maize, sugarcane, watermelon and banana tissue from Bhamo District to the Chinese border, where it’s sold.  At this time of year, however, only rice is exported on the road.

The Chinese government shuttered the Loije Border Trade Zone, which lies between China and Kachin State, after an outbreak of COVID-19 in July 2021. Six months later, the zone was reopened after cases in the region declined.

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