PMF Pressures Waingmaw Residents To Accept Gold Mine

The Gway Htu People’s Militia Force (PMF) has been coercing residents to support its gold mining operations in Waingmaw Township, even though the majority of people in the area in Kachin State are against it.

The PMF, which is under the Burma Army (BA), has been going door to door in Mali Yang village to collect signatures from residents.

”Laphai Nawng Awng, who represents them, has urged villagers to sign an agreement” on gold mining in Dau Pan. He claims it’s better to take the money so they can keep their land when the mining is finished, said a local who spoke to KNG on condition of anonymity.

Some villagers don’t know what to do, while others are against mining in the area. Nevertheless, the armed group, called Lasang Awng Wah PMF by locals, has already started mining six acres belonging to the Catholic and Baptist churches.

”They’ve already destroyed many land plots in our area,” says the source, explaining why he and others are against mining.

”Gold mining will have a negative impact on livestock and agriculture in our village.”

Residents of Mali Yang, Awng Myin Tha, Tan Hpre, Kyein Khran Kha, Lon Garzup, Dum Gan, Ah Lam, Au Byit and Lamongzup have also expressed their opposition to the gold mining.

The people of Dau Pan were relocated to make way for the Myitsone Dam under the dictator Than Shwe. However, the Thein Sein government suspended the dam, which was financed by China.

Since the coup almost two years ago, the PMF and Kachin investors have started mining gold in the area with the approval of the military regime.

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