Two civilians dead after Burma army artillery shells hit Mansi town

Two civilians are dead in Mansi town after Burma army artillery shells hit Mansi Town at approximately 7 pm on 19 February. The artillery shelling was done by troops from Infantry Battalion 47 (IB-47), which is based in Bhamo town. A child was killed in an artillery explosion and a man died from a stroke during the shelling.

“The body of the child was totally destroyed during the explosion. We were unable to find the child’s body. A Kachin man, who worked for the Christian Church, died from a stroke after two shells landed near his home,” a local man, who spoke on condition of anonymity, told KNG.

The Burma army attacked Mansi town with at least seven artillery shells last night. Some shells landed in Mansi town and some shells landed in Ywathit Kon village in Mansi Township.

U Brang Sam, who lived in Jinghpaw Myae ward in Mansi town, died from a stroke after two large explosions happened near his home. A child, who lives in Rekhu Mankhan village in Mansi Township, was blown up by the shelling.

Local people reported that the shelling killed two cattle and damaged some civilian houses.

On 16 February, IB-47 attacked Mansi town with at least six artillery shells. Two shells landed in Mansi Church, one shell landed in Pyin-Oo-Lwin ward, one shell landed in Kawng Ra ward, one shell landed in Mawrawaddy ward, and one shell landed in a nearby paddy field. Daw Suan Lwam Kai Ban, who is age of 60 and lives in Pyin-Oo-Lwin ward, was injured on her back. The artillery attack damaged at least 4 civilian houses in Mansi town, and killed a cow.

On 9 February, Burma army troops based in Mansi town fired artillery shells into Kawng Ton and Kawng Ja villages in Bhamo Township. There were some civilian causalities reported following the shelling, but KNG was not able to verify the number.

Mansi town is situated approximately 13.5 miles from Bhamo town. Burma army troops are based on both towns. Troops based in Bhamo town often fire artillery shells which land in villages in Mansi Township. Troops based in Mansi town often fire artillery shells which land in villages in Bhamo Township.

Local people reported that while there was no fighting in the immediate area of Mansi town on 19 February, there were battles happening in Jehkam village (also known as Sikham Gyi village) which is approximately 30 miles from Mansi town. A combined force of Kachin Independence Army (KIA) and its allies seized a strategic military camp from the Burma army near Jehkam village on 19 February.

“They lost Jehkam strategic camp to resistance groups yesterday. Therefore, they intentionally launched attacks on civilians,” the local man told KNG.

Another local man, who lives in Mansi town and spoke on condition of anonymity, told KNG that he believes that the Burma army is intentionally attacking civilian villages in retaliation for its loss of military positions in the area.

In January 2024, the KIA and its allies have seized multiple Burma army positions including Mabein town in northern Shan state, and Mang Weing Gyi military camp, Balawng Dingsa military camp and Kai Htip military camp.

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