Regime Recaptures Kawlin from Resistance

After a long, drawn out siege, the State Administration Council (SAC) finally recaptured an important district-level town from resistance forces in Sagaing Region. On February 12, the regime reclaimed Kawlin after soldiers loyal to SAC managed to penetrate the town.

An officer with the People’s Administration for Kawlin District, formed by the interim National Unity Government, fighting was happening at two locations in the town before it fell to the enemy. “PDF and local resistance groups are defending well against the military council” in the town, the officer told KNG before finally being overrun by the enemy.

Several junta Telegram channels prematurely claimed victory over Kawlin while intense fighting was still breaking out.

Burma army has gone all out using excessive force to recapture the town, which resistance forces captured on November 6, installing their own administration. Since mid-January, it deployed additional troops and weapons to its 6006 artillery battalion bases in Kantbalu and Wontho towns close to Kawlin. Last month, SAC ground troops were repelled by resistance forces in Kawlin after suffering many causalities.

Several civilians and PDF fighters have been suspected to be killed after SAC attacked the town with howitzers everyday. However, KNG wasn’t able to independently confirm this information.

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