SAC Artillery Kills Two Children and Adult in Kawlin

Forces from State Administration Council (SAC) killed two young children and U Kyaw Win (66) after shelling Kawlin town on December 28.

According to a man with Kawlin People To People Group, SAC shelled the town with a howitzer, striking a Buddhist monastery. The attack also injured the mother of the children who were killed, aged 2 and 8, and a Buddhist monk. The wounded victims are receiving treatment in the town situated in Sagaing Region.

Kachin Independence Army and People’s Defense Force captured Kawlin from the Burma army on November 5. Under the armed groups’ direction, residents have implemented Kawlin People’s Administration to govern the town.

SAC is attempting to recapture the town, but its diminishing armed forces are overstretched with active fronts happening in the country at the same time, so it’s firing artillery at Kawlin and around the township sharing the same name from nearby Wontho Township. At the same time, the regime has sent additional troops to Wontho, which it may use to launch a ground attack at some point.


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