SAC Air Attacks Kills Three Civilians in Kutkai Township

State Administration Council (SAC) shelling has resulted in three recent deaths and three injuries in the Namphetka area of Kutkai Township in northern Shan State, where regime air bombardments have intensified against civilians since ethnic armed groups seized many bases and towns in Burma in recent weeks.

According to a local source, an attack helicopter providing security for another transporting the family of Infantry Battalion 123 soldiers attacked Ward 4 of Namphetka, killing an 11-year-old and injuring a 70-year-old woman last Wednesday. The 5 pm airstrike also destroyed at least 10 homes. At 11 pm, SAC fired artillery, resulting in three injuries, including a child and a man.

“The Burma army in Namphetka are firing shells every day!” said the anonymous source from the town.

Another local source requesting anonymity said a man hit by shrapnel the next day succumbed to his injuries at the hospital. He mentioned that artillery shelling lasted for almost the entire next day. The shelling and bombings from airstrikes damaged many homes.

According to volunteers on the ground, almost 20 civilians in the Namphetka area have been killed by air attacks since the resistance forces’ 1027 Operation started on October 27.

Fighting with Three Brotherhood Alliance in Namkham Township has also intensified, and SAC is shelling this area from Namphetka.

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