Burma army killed two youth in retaliation for murder of military officer and businessmen at Happy KTV

The bodies of two youth were found executed in front of the Happy KTV in Hpakant Township in the early hours of 24 April. Local people believe that the two youth were killed in retaliation after an unidentified armed group killed a Burma army Major and four businessmen at the Happy KTV on 23 April.

One of the death youths was identified as Ko Aung Kyi Min, but the identity of the other dead youth has not yet been confirmed. Local people said that these two youth had been arrested by the BA during a patrol in Lon Khin village in February. It is not known whether the two youth were killed in custody then had their bodies dumped at Happy KTV, or whether they were executed in front of Happy KTV.

“A military officer and four businessmen were killed yesterday at the Happy KTV. This morning around 4 a.m. two dead bodies were found at the front door of the Happy KTV. The heads of the two bodies were disfigured. I don’t know what time the two dead bodies were killed, but we found them around 4 a.m. A local rescue team collected the two bodies,” a local man, who witnessed the dead bodies, told KNG.

Local people said that Major Zaw Maung, who served at the strategic hilltop camp in Hpakant, and four businessmen were killed at the Happy KTV in Hpakant town on 23 April. Locals believe that BA soldiers killed the two detained youth to retaliate for the killing of Major Zaw Maung and the four businessmen.

The BA has done this kind of retaliation in Hpakant Township in the past. A few months ago, the BA suffered many causalities when a military convoy was attacked with landmines near Sabyit Khu village in Hpakant Township. Following the attack, the BA arrested nearly 100 people from Sabyit Khu village.

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