Regime Abducts Hundreds Of Hpakant Civilians

The regime’s forces have abducted 201 civilians in a fortnight to use them as human shields and porters as it steps up attacks against resistance groups in Hpakant Township since bombing a concert and killing scores of people at the end of October.

One man told KNG on condition of anonymity that the junta’s military abducts villagers when they are on patrol, forcing them to carry food and weapons. On 23 November, 30 jade miners were abducted from a block near Kayin Chaung. When they arrived at the village at night, they abducted 20 of the residents. A few days later, a column abducted 30 civilians along the road from Kyauk Thwe Taung to Yu Mer.

80 soldiers from Infantry Battalion 42 and Light Infantry Battalion 11 arrested 70 people on the road between Gat Nwel and Gaw Lu Yang villages on 30 November and another 40 in Nay Pyin Tawng village on 1 December. The same group arrested 11 people in Maw Pung on 5 December.

“The army has released a few people, but many have been detained until now,” said another source, who also requested anonymity. He said that some of them were taken to interrogation centres.

With connectivity to the township suspended by the regime, KNG hasn’t been able to ascertain how many abductees have been released by the soldiers.

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