Regime Launches Midnight Attack On Lon Ja Bum

The regime shelled the Kachin Independence Army (KIA) camp on Lon Ja Bum in eastern Momauk Township on Monday.

A local who has spoken to KNG on condition of anonymity said the Light Infantry Battalion 437 fired at least 10 shells from Momauk town at the Kachin armed group’s mountain camp at around midnight. “We were afraid and couldn’t sleep at night because we worry about more fighting in our area,” he explained.

Shells struck Lon Ja, Nawng Poung  and Nam Hsai villages below Lon Ja Bum, but it’s unclear if there were any civilian or KIA causalities.

Another source also requesting anonymity said before the artillery attack there wasn’t any fighting in the area. “I think, they just want to show off they’re still powerful enough to attack the KIA.”

In late October, the regime flew airstrikes and sent ground troops in a failed attempt to capture Lon Ja Bum. Three civilians from Hka Nan ward of Momauk were wounded by the junta’s shelling. One landed on the grounds of a kindergarten in the ward but no one was hurt and none of the buildings damaged.

Hundreds of regime soldiers who stayed in Nawng Poung, Lon Ja and Tap Sakhan looted houses in the villages that are located around the mountain. Villagers had fled to the towns of Momauk and Bhamo when the air and ground attacks began.

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