IDPs In Bhamo Camp Return Home

Twelve families living in the Robert internally displaced persons (IDPs) camp in Bhamo have returned to their villages, while another 14 families plan to return once they receive six months of financial assistance.

One male IDP said after support dried up in the camp in the town in Kachin State, it was difficult for them to survive.

”We lived in the camp for so long and finally decided to return home.”

A woman originally from Mong Deing Per told KNG that she moved to her relatives’ house in Mong Hkawng, even though there’s no guarantee of safety there after the military coup.

“We want to support our children and this is something we cannot do in this IDP camp.”

IDPs who have returned home on 14 July will receive six months of financial support from the World Food Programme and Karuna Mission Social Solidarity.

Nine of the families returned to Gawng Rom, one to Bum San Yang, one to 3 Mile and one to Mong Deing Per. The fourteen families waiting for support will return to Nam Phu.

“If we’ve to flee the fighting again, we want the organisations to support us,” a female IDP who’s already returned home told KNG.

One thousand IDPs, or 580 families, live in the IDP camp in Bhamo.

Over 100,000 people remain displaced in Kachin State after the Burma Army broke a 17-year ceasefire with the Kachin Independence Organisation in 2011.

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