Storm Ravages Tanai Village

A village in Tanai Township is in ruins after a powerful storm destroyed all the houses, killed two residents, wounded two others and toppled trees.

News of the destruction, which hit Lon Yong in Shin Bway Yang sub township on the evening of 7 July, was only recently discovered after some residents travelled to Tanai town to ask for help.

The remote village of 50 houses in Kachin State, inhabited by the Naga ethnic group, has no phone or internet and the roads are poor.

On the same day, the storm also damaged 20 houses in Chum Hser, near Lon Yong, but in Nan Yun Township, which is part of the Naga Self-Administered Zone in Sagaing Region.

According to locals, it was the first time the area had been severely affected by a storm.

“All the houses are totally damaged and need materials for reconstruction. They also need food. Women and children need emergency aid. They’re suffering a lot,” a man from Tanai town told KNG without giving his name.

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