KIA Seizes Strategic Regime Camp in Hpakant Township

The Kachin Independence Army (KIA) and allied forces have seized control of the Light Infantry Battalion’s (LIB) 116 camp in Sel Zin village, Hpakant Township, Kachin State.

LIB 116 had refused to surrender in March when the resistance was planning its offensive on their camp and the police station in Sel Zin, which serves as a crucial travel link connecting Hpakant Township in Kachin State with Sagaing Region.

According to a frontline KIA officer, they successfully cleared the military presence from the camp, which normally housed around 80 soldiers. Upon the Kachin fighters’ arrival at 11 pm, following a three-day offensive that began on April 20, the remaining soldiers deserted the camp.

Some fled to Sagaing Region, which borders Kachin State. At the time of this report, the KIA was still searching for them. In addition to capturing the camp, Kachin soldiers ambushed soldiers from the Shanni Army, a Border Guard Force under the regime, who were sent to assist LIB 116, resulting in the deaths of at least five soldiers.

A local observer noted that the resistance had previously captured enemy positions in Tamakhan village and on Kasen mountain in March, which allowed the Burma army to maintain control of Hpakant town. With Sel Zin now under their control and no more Burma army bases in the area, the KIA can traverse the region without obstruction, he pointed out.

Residents of Sel Zin who have fled the conflict have sought shelter in Hopin, Mohnyin, and Hpakant towns, as well as in the village of Tamakhan.

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