Resistance Groups Encircle SAC in Htigyaing

A consortium of resistance forces has been attacking State Administration Council (SAC) in the town of Htigyaing, situated in Sagaing Region, during intense clashes over several days. Despite a SAC jet fighter launching airstrikes on the groups, they have been unsuccessful at repelling them.

According to a People’s Defence Force (PDF) fighter, they are firing heavy weapons at SAC troops stationed on the compound of a football field in Ou Yin Kon Ward. He isn’t certain if the jet fighter has caused any casualties.

The groups have taken control over the road from Tagaung – Htigyaing – Indaw, effectively sealing Htigyaing off since 3 pm on Wednesday.

SAC troops are reportedly stationed at the General Administration Development office, Myoma police station, and schools. There’s no official army camp in the town.

“People are leaving the town. There’s no one on the streets,” a local man said.

In recent days, Kachin Independence Army and PDF have seized control of the district-level Kawlin in the township sharing the same name, Khampat in Tamu Township, and Pinlebu in Katha District, all located in Sagaing Region.

Altogether about 5 towns in Sagaing and Mandalay regions and 150 SAC bases in northern Shan and Kachin states have been seized by the resistance since Three Brotherhoods Alliance launched its 1027 Operation on October 27.

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