Junta Attacks KIA in Muse Township

The Kachin Independence Army (KIA) clashed with the Burma army near Nam Oum in Muse Township in northern Shan State, while the regime fired artillery at the KIA from a distance. The junta soldiers have been attacking KIA’s Battalion 9 camp on Bakngoi Bum (mountain) in western Nam Oum since 27 August.

“Fierce fighting broke out yesterday. We heard the sound of heavy weapons firing last night. They exchanged gunfire around 10 am today. The Burma army from Nam Phetka and 105-Mile attacked the KIA with artillery,” a man explained to KNG, asking to remain anonymous. He said around 100 junta soldiers are attacking the KIA near the village, and Infantry Battalion 123 is shelling them from Nam Phetka.

Fortunately, the shelling hasn’t caused any civilian casualties, however, locals reported to KNG that bombs from both sides have damaged homes in Nam Oum.

Altogether, there are three regime columns in offensives across the township: one has traveled from Lashio, Kutkai to Muse; a second from Nam Phetka to Muse via a jungle road, and the third is patrolling around Nam Oum.

Currently, the Ta’ang National Liberation Army (TNLA) is also fighting with the Military Council in Muse Township where it’s been collecting taxes.

A Nam Oum woman, also requesting anonymity, said, “We frequently hear the sound of gunfire in our area and we’re worried about the fighting… Burma army columns are patrolling every day.”

Fighting has closed schools along the Kutkai – Nam Phetka – Muse road. In July, at least 10 civilians were killed on the highway when clashes broke out.

Presently, the regime blocked the road near the 105-mile trade zone and Nam Tawng – Pher Phit road.


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