KIA Attacks Military Council Convoy on Myitkyina–Bhamo Highway

Kachin Independence Army (KIA) troops initiated several ambushes on a regime vehicle convoy traveling on the Myitkyina–Bhamo highway on the same day. The junta soldiers were sent from Waingmaw Township as part of an offensive launched around the village of Namsan Yang. The regime also been deploying troops from Bhamo.

The Military Council has launched continuous attacks on the KIA in the area as part of its objective to gain control over three critical locations in Kachin State, which are vital in safeguarding the de facto headquarters of the KIA’s political arm, the Kachin Independence Organization, in Laiza, close to Namsan Yang.

Since June, additional troops have been deployed with the specific aim of capturing the strategic locations of Dumbang Bum, Hoti Wa Bum, and Hpung Krawng Bum. These hilltop camps are positioned along the Myitkyina–Bhamo highway, a crucial route leading to Laiza.

A local man, knowledgeable about the situation, who requested anonymity, said the KIA attacked the convoy of 70 soldiers between Dabat and Ja Pu at 8 am on 25 July. The Kachin soldiers also launched an ambush near Dawt Hpung Yang, which is between Din Ga and Kalar Yang at noontime. A third ambush happened near Samer around 2 pm when the soldiers were sent to help their comrades near Ja Pu.

“The military convoy stayed in Kazu last night. We heard loud sounds of gunfire during the clash but don’t know if there were any casualties,” he said.

Villagers fear for their lives due to continuous fighting in the area. Soldiers from the convoy arrested villagers while they were working on their farms on 24 July.

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