Mother Killed By RPG In Lashio Township

Two houses were destroyed by shells during fighting between the sit-tat (Burma army) and the Myanmar National Democratic Alliance Army (MNDAA) in Lashio Township in northern Shan State on Sunday. Daw Ma Yunt (40), who has five children, was killed in an explosion in one of the houses, while her young son (1) was wounded.

About 100 people from 13 families took refuge in a Catholic church in Lashio town or with relatives, while others hid on their farms and in the jungle as the hour-long battle between the Kokang army and sit-tat Light Infantry Battalion 507 broke out in Mang Bang in Hu Ner village tract at 1pm.

Locals reported that about 60 regime fighters came to the village on Saturday to interrogate residents about the movement of armed resistance in the area. When they returned the next day to get food, a firefight erupted with the MNDAA, with both sides firing light and heavy weapons.

“When the Burma army started shooting the Kokang soldiers in the village, the woman was unable to flee from her home. Then a RPG hit her house, killing her instantly. Shrapnel entered her back and through her chest and she died,” another source told KNG on condition of anonymity. The baby is being treated in hospital.

Six unexploded shells were found in the village home to Kachin and Chinese nationalities, which is located about 20 miles from Lashio town.

Since June, clashes between the MNDAA and sit-tat have been recurring in Lashio Township.

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