Men Found With Throats Slit In Kawlin

The bodies of eight civilians were discovered with their throats slit in Kawlin Township. According to the Kawlin Revolution, a resistance group fighting to overthrow the military regime, they were abducted along with eight others by a patrolling Burma army column at the end of May.

A soldier from the Kawlin People’s Defence Force, which is also fighting the military regime, said the bodies of the men from Motwa were dumped near Titsu Hill, south of the village in Sagaing Region.

“We’re still searching for the missing people,” he said.

Five people who were abducted at the same time were released while three people from Chat Kon, Innyar and Bang Bwe Kon are still missing.

The military regime has killed many civilians in the troubled region where numerous groups oppose its rule. Last April, an airstrike in Pa Zi Gyi in Kanbalu Township killed at least 200 people, including many children—the deadliest attack since the coup.

According to advocacy group,the Assistance Association for Political Prisoners, the regime has killed at least 3,649 people and arrested 23,299 since the coup.

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