Resistance Destroys Regime Beer In Khin-U

Last Saturday, resistance forces destroyed about $20k worth of regime-produced beer items in Khin-U Township located in restive Sagaing Region.

“We have the responsibility to attack the pillars of the military regime, and that means damaging their businesses and the products they produce in order to attack their sources of revenue,” a People’s Defence Force (PDF) officer told KNG.

The PDF and other groups seized the products from three trucks during a routine inspection of vehicles on the roadway in the township, and later destroyed  540 cases (11,000 cans) of Dagon beer worth about 42 million kyat.

The True News Information, which is under the civilian-led administration committee for the township, told KNG that the armed groups found the alcoholic beverages while collecting money from drivers.

True News Information has previously warned against selling or buying military regime products, including beer and alcohol, in Khin-U Township, promising action against violators. This is part of a nationwide boycott aimed at depriving the dictatorship of financial resources.

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