Regime Kills Civilians During Attack On Waingmaw Checkpoint

Regime forces killed three civilians in Waingmaw Township during an attack against the Kachin Independence Army (KIA) at a checkpoint in Kachin State.

Seven sit-tat (Burma army) soldiers and soldiers from Wu Yang People’s Militia Force (PMF), led by U Shwe Min, came in a private vehicle and attacked the Kachin armed group in Sadung town at 5pm on 8 May. One of the civilians killed was selling things at the waterfall where the attack took place and the other two were sitting near the KIA checkpoint that the group had captured after the coup and allowed local business people to collect taxes from lorry drivers passing through.

Two of the victims were identified as U Maran Jali Htum Ja (30) and U Arr Ti (33). Another civilian named U La Raw suffered a serious bullet wound to his right leg but survived the attack.

According to another anonymous source close to the KIA, the regime forces looted the checkpoint before leaving.

The next day at 10am, the man said that about 35 sit-tat soldiers and members of the PMF returned to burn down houses near the waterfall and were attacked by the KIA.

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