Local man sentenced to life imprisonment in Indaw Township

On 1 April, a life imprisonment sentence was given to a man from Natmahok Kalay village in Indaw Township. The man was accused of supporting the People’s Defense Force (PDF) and was charged under the Counter-terrorism Law.

Ko Aye Min Tun, aged 24, was arrested on 5 March when he tried to talk to Burma army soldiers in civilian clothes as they entered a village.

“The soldiers came into Ner Rakhawng village on 5 March. He tried to talk to them when they entered into the village. They were wearing civilian clothes. He thought that the Burma army soldiers wearing civilian clothes were PDF members. This is why he went to talk to them. Finally, the soldiers arrested him,” an officer working with the Indaw PDF told KNG.

After being arrested, Ko Aye Min Tun was charged under Counter-terrorism Law article 50(J) and article 52(a). On 1 April, he was sentenced to life imprisonment.

Prior to his sentencing, Ko Aye Min Tun was detained in the Burma army’s Strategic Command Headquarters in Indaw Township. His family members were only allowed to visit him once when he was detained there.

Other men from Indaw Township have also received life sentences after being charged under the Counter-terrorism Law.

On 27 February, the junta arrested Ko Min Min Oo in Indaw town. Ko Min Min Oo was accused of supporting the PDF and was charged under article 50(J) of the Counter-terrorism Law. He was sentenced to life imprisonment.

After the military coup, the junta has arrested more than 60 civilians in Indaw Township. After being arrested they have been held in police jails as well as the Burma army’s detention camp. Many of these people continue to be held without charges.

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