Soldiers Destroy Computer Centre In Hpakant

Regime soldiers destroyed a computer centre in Mawsizer recently opened by the Wunpawng Amyusha Zinlum Hpung Women’s Committee, which is part of the Kachin National Social Development Foundation for Hpakant Township.

“Both women and youth need to learn computer technology in this area” as they lack technological skills, said one of the teachers at the centre.

The centre was officiated on 16 March and opened its doors, she told KNG. However, a couple of days later, government soldiers came and destroyed 9 computers and other properties inside the newly minted centre and also took away other things, according to a man who requested anonymity.

Soldiers Destroy Computer Centre In Hpakant
Soldiers Destroy Computer Centre In Hpakant

“They came around 2am to destroy the computer learning centre and since I wasn’t there at the time, I don’t know how many soldiers there were. They destroyed the entire building and all the computers and also took the Kachin national flags,” he explained.

Solders arrested a man who managed it, but not a woman who also works there. At the time of going to press, it is unclear where he is being held.

It was built on the compound of the Kachin National Social Development Foundation, but the military just targeted the computer centre and no one knows for what reason.

“We are not politicians and this is not a political action,” said an anonymous source from the women’s committee. After the post-coup crisis, she explained that they were “working for regional development” and were upset that they were trying to prevent this by destroying the centre.

The teacher said they opened it to teach invaluable skills to all people, regardless of gender or age, except drug users without explaining why.

However, from 2018-20, Wunpawng Amyusha Zinlum Hpung offered a jade craft course for women and youth addicted to illicit drugs and 12 people – 8 women and 4 men – became professional jade artisans with their products being sold at markets.


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