Military Keeps 30 Villagers Prisoner In Hpakant Township

The regime’s armed forces have kept over 30 of 130 people they abducted in Hpakant Township after releasing the rest on 2 March, a day after the abductions in Shraw Hka village.

A man requesting anonymity heard that they were still being interrogated. According to another anonymous source, the soldiers asked where they lived, where they came from and where they worked. The military tied up the civilians in the village.

An activist, who also wishes to remain anonymous, commented, “The military raids a village where they suspect activists and other supporters of the Spring Revolution.” The source explained that they’re rounding up the whole village until they find out who is politically active, and freeing the rest.

“They’re bullying civilians with their weapons!”

Most people living in Sharaw Hka moved there from Pale and Gangaw townships after the coup and were told by the army to move out by 25 February.

A few days later, a convoy near Sabyit Khu was attacked with a landmine and soldiers arrested 60 people from the village on the same day.

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