Around 1000 refugees who fled from 10 days of fighting Lone Jar Bum Kachin State,have issued an appeal for help

Food, clothing and other aids are urgently needed for displaced people from 4 villages who fled the battles at Lone Jar Bum Hill in Momauk Township, Kachin State.

Fighting between the Military Council and the Kachin Independence Army (KIA) supported by the People Defense Forces (PDF) joint forces has been intense since October 22 around Lone Jar Bum Hill, east of Momauk.

A displaced person from Khar Nan village told KNG “ Residents of Wa Wan, Lone Jar, Naung Pauk and Khar Nan Villages have fled for their safety, fearing artillery shelling would also extend to their villages. Around 1000 people from 4 villages are now sheltering in Christian buildings, the homes of priests and relatives in A Lon Kaunt and Kyay Nan neighborhoods in Momauk, and need help.

The displaced person is appealing for for help “ We are facing many needs right now.  The main concern is food. We need rice, oil and salt. Almost all of those who fled had escaped in a hurry without carrying any provisions or belongings. About three or four people got on a motorcycle and ran away. We couldn’t bring clothes. So we also need clothes” .

The people who fled the war have also appealed to the public to help and donate as much as they can.

The Military Council launched a full force offensive from both air and ground at Lone Jar Bum on October 22, and intense battles have continued for more than 10 days.

According to the situation as of November 2, the Military Council troops separated in two columns are still trying to advance towards Lone Jar Bum Hill, east of Momauk.

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