Regime Looting Homes Around Lon Ja Bum

Soldiers sent by the regime to attack the Kachin Independence Army (KIA) on the summit of Lon Ja Bum have looted the houses of villages they occupied at the foot of the mountain in eastern Momauk Township, Kachin State.

A man from Momauk town has told KNG on condition of anonymity that 600 soldiers have equally dispersed in Nawng Poung, Lon Ja and Tap Sakhan since 22 October.

“BA Soldiers stole a WiFi router and also killed and ate chickens, pigs and cattle from the villages and stole valuables from the houses,” he said.

Residents fled to the town and Bhamo as the BA launched air and ground attacks on the KIA and the People’s Defence Forces. The villages of Wawan and Hka Nan have also been affected by the junta’s offensive in the region.

Another man from the area, who also requested anonymity, said they have not yet taken Lon Ja Bum. “They’re afraid to climb the mountain and therefore stay in the civilian villages at the foot of the mountain.”

Meanwhile, other regime troops are shelling the Kachin soldiers with artillery every day and previously sent in fighter jets to attack them.

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