Regime Prevents Hpakant Bombing Victims From Reaching Hospitals

The Burma Army (BA) is stopping people wounded in its recent airstrike on a concert in the Kachin Independence Army (KIA) Brigade 9 area in Hpakant Township from being taken to hospitals in Hpakant and Myitkyina towns.

Junta forces blocked vehicles at their checkpoint in Ginsi, preventing more than 100 people who were injured in A Nang Pa from getting medical care.

On 23 October, 78 people were killed by three jet fighters that bombed the 62nd anniversary music concert of the KIA’s political wing, the Kachin Independence Organisation.

“So far we’ve not been able to collect the injured. Volunteer teams have tried to negotiate with BA to transport them, but they haven’t allowed it,” a volunteer told KNG on condition that his name not be used. Ambulances weren’t allowed to pass through Ginsi after waiting for an entire day. The army is also stopping doctors, nurses and medicines from being sent to the KIA Brigade 9 area.

“Religious leaders from the Kachin Baptist Convention and Roman Catholic churches in Hpakant are negotiating with the BA,” another source said on condition of anonymity, but he wasn’t sure if it will make a difference.

BA soldiers have been sent to the Kywe and Pan Tin bridges in Hpakant to check anyone crossing them. Other army checkpoints have also gone up around the town.

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