Skin Disease Affecting Cattle In Putao Township

In a small village in the remote Putao Township in northern Kachin State, hundreds of cattle are said to have been afflicted by a strange skin disease that causes rotting sores from which the animals eventually die.

According to a local source, who asked not to be named, more than 10 of the more than 200 affected cattle have died in Lon Shar Yang in June. The skin disease has spread to Kawng Kahtawng, Lay Yin Kwin and Dok Tan ward in Putao town, and to some areas in Myitkyina and Waingmaw townships.

“In the initial stage, a small welt appears on the skin of the cattle. After it swells, the skin cracks until it becomes a festering wound, from which the cow eventually dies. I have seen dead cattle by the roadside in our village that smelled very bad.”

The man said that no one has ever experienced this kind of disease and he wants the authorities to intervene and provide the necessary medicines to treat the sick bovines.

“We also fear that the disease will spread to humans.

A team of veterinarians in the township has provided some medicines, but this is not enough to treat all the animals and residents are appealing to other organisations for help.

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