Junta Attacks Displaced Camp Near Kutkai

Three women were killed and a man wounded by a regime artillery strike on a internally
displaced persons (IDPs) camp near Kutkai in northern Shan State on Friday. The Burma Army
(BA) indiscriminately fired shells from a strategic hill camp, striking Zup Awng IDP camp at

“The shelling happened when there was no clash in the area. When a shell landed in our camp,
we were terrified,”a female resident requesting anonymity told KNG.

Lukseint Yaw Lum, 52, Hpawgun Nawhlaing, 56, Zumzam Dawngnor, 28, were killed and
Dumhpawng La Awng, 80, suffered injuries.

After the shell attack on the camp, fighting erupted between the Kachin Independence Army
(KIA) and BA in the area. Many children, pregnant women, elderly and others sought refuge in a
church in Dawnglon not far from their camp.

According to a KIA officer, they and the People Defence Force clashed with BA troops
between Karlai and Hu Nawng villages in the township, which is about 10 miles from Kutkai
town and a mile from the IDP camp.

Since 15 June, about 100 BA have been attacking the Kachin soldiers in Kutkau township.

IDPs and residents of Karlai are concerned about their safety have taken shelter in a
bunker…The fighting won’t be ending soon,”says an anonymous man from the village. He said
that the BA launched the offensive because the KIA battalion’s 8, 29, 39, Ta’ang National
Liberation Army and Myanmar National Democratic Alliance Army are patrolling the area.

Since February, the latter two armed groups have been staying in the IDP camp.

After many BA soldiers have allegedly died during recent battles, they shelled the IDP camp and
the village.

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