Myitkyina Residents Organise Anti-drug Patrols

The people of Myitkyina have taken the law into their own hands by punishing illicit drug users in a ward in the capital of Kachin State.

An anonymous male source told KNG that residents from Rampu are caning drug addicts as part of an anti-drug action to tackle the problem after drug use and thefts in the area spiralled out of control since the coup over a year ago.

“Thieves have increase in this area and there’s many robberies, which is why the youths from our ward, the police and ward administrators have launched joint patrols in Rampu ward.”

He said when they catch a drug addict, they hit him on the buttocks five times with a cane and force him to promise to stop taking drugs. If that doesn’t work, they will take legal action.

Another man from the ward, who also asked that his name be kept secret, said that they carry out three patrols every day. He said that drug users have ignored the warning signs they put up against drug use in their area. ”That’s why we have to punish them,” he explained.

Rampu is a big ward but addicts mainly use lanes 21, 22 and 24 and the surrounding areas to get high.

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