KIO Outlaws Junta Beer In Myitkyina

The Kachin Independence Organisation (KIO) banned the sale of beer produced by the regime and crony companies in Myitkyina District.

A KIO officer told KNG that Myanmar, Dagon and ABC beer companies have all been banned in the district in Kachin State since Tuesday. ”These beers are produced by the Burma Army (BA). People are against the junta, so drinking these beers means you support the BA.”

After discussing the matter, he said the KIO decided to impose the ban in Myitkyina town, which is controlled by the regime, and surrounding villages. The order applies to bars, KTV establishments, restaurants and shops. It also includes the transport of beer between Myitkyina, Putao and Tanai.

The KIO has promised to take action against businesses that ignore the order, without saying what will happen or how it will enforce the order in regime-controlled areas. However, the ethnic armed group said it will confiscate all vehicles involved in transporting the said products.

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