Hundreds Affected By Violence Between MNDAA And Military In Northern Shan State

Fighting between Burma Army (BA) and Myanmar National Democratic Alliance Army (MNDAA) displaced approximately 400 villagers since the violence started in Muse Township, northern Shan State, on August 3.

Villagers from Mang Yang and Ban Mwe in Hpoung Seng village tract did not bring much with them when leaving their homes during the clashes and fear running out of food if they can’t go back soon.

A local source told KNG residents from Mang Yang sought refuge in Ban Mwe, but had to flee again when the fighting overtook the second village. A total of 173 people from the 43 homes in the villages took shelter at Bang Wa and Lak Den villages, along the Chinese border. In addition, villagers from La Shup are hiding in their farms.

Last Tuesday, the Kokang ethnic armed organisation (EAO) ambushed a BA military column travelling between villages Kawng Sahtee and Fai Kawng in the sub township. BA retaliated by shelling the two locations. Over 180 people from Fai Kawng, Kawng Sahtee, Hka Lum and Pao Ra sought safety from the fighting along the border. No one has come to their aid and it is unclear how much food the villagers have left.

A man from Fai Kawng told KNG he reported hearing artillery fire and landmines exploding before several shells struck his village, causing the entire village to flee.

In the past, MNDAA clashed with BA around Mongkoe and Pang Seng in Muse District. The EAO is in the Northern Alliance with Kachin Independence Army, Ta’ang National Liberation Army, Shan State Progress Party and Arakan Army (AA). Apart from AA, which has maintained an informal ceasefire with BA since late last year, the other groups are fighting with the military in Shan or Kachin states.

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