Youths Missing After Abduction By People’s Militia Force in Putao

A People’s Militia Force affiliated with the Burma Army arrested six civilians in Kawnglanghpu Township in northern Kachin State. It is assumed authorities detained the youths at a military camp after they could not be found at the police station.

Little is known about their abductions except that they were picked up while crossing the Magwi suspension bridge on April 22 while traveling to Putao town from Kawnglanghpu.

After learning about their abductions, a friend called the Putao Police Station and was told the youths were not at the station. Locals fear they may have been forcibly recruited into the Burma Army.

Because communication and transportation routes between the townships are poor, no one has been able to reach their families.

The youths didn’t join the protest movement against the military regime. They were traveling to Putao township for personal reasons.

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