Hpakant CSOs Complain About Alleged Election Fraud

Civil society organizations (CSOs) complained to Khet Aung, Kachin State Chief Minister, in a letter after the Hpakant Municipal allegedly elected a nominee as chairperson with less votes than another nominee.

Eight people were nominated for the chair of Hpakant Municipal in Hpakant town on August 27. Naw San received three votes, Min Min Soe received two and Myint Aye received two. Despite Naw Hsant receiving the most nominations, Min Min Soe was appointed as chair.

“People want to know why Naw San was not appointed chair, because he received a majority of votes,” Lamawng La Tawng, who lives in Hpakant, told KNG. “This clearly shows that the election for the municipal chair wasn’t fair and there’s no justice!”

Min Min Soe is a member of the ruling National League for Democracy (NLD), and he’s the party’s campaigner for Mashi Kahtawng ward, located in Hpakant Township, Lamawng La Tawng said.

Tangbau La Seng, who’s a member of the selection committee, said after the voting results were sent to the state government, they appointed Min Min Soe as chairperson. Naw San was appointed to the Hpakant Municipal Committee.

Tangbau La Seng told KNG that “under the selection procedure, the person who receives the majority of votes must be appointed as the chairperson.”

“I thought Naw San would be appointed chair because he got three votes. Yet the government appointed the person who received only two votes. I really don’t understand the procedure…I think the Kachin State government has some explaining to do,” he said.

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