Alleged Tatmadaw Fighter Jet Makes Multiple Flights Over KIO Headquarters

A fighter jet believed to belong to the Burma Army flew over the Kachin Independence Organization/Army’s (KIO/A) headquarters in Laiza on the Burma-China border on Tuesday afternoon, KIO sources said.

The white jet flew over KIO offices and army camps for more than two hours, then crossed into Chinese territory, flying over Na Bang, Yinjiang and Jang Hkong, according to locals in Laiza.

“The jet flew multiple rounds over our KIA’s military camps,” a KIA officer confirmed to KNG.

He said he believed that the jet belonged to the Tatmadaw because it appeared to be scouting KIA bases in Laiza, Hka Ya Bum, Hpun Pyen Bum, Laisin Bum, and the Mai Ja Yang area.

Leaders of the KIO and Arakan Army (AA) met with representatives of the Chinese government in Laiza the day before, on January 6.

According to KIO officials, the four members of the Northern Alliance of ethnic armed groups—including the KIO, AA, Ta’ang National Liberation Army and Myanmar National Democratic Alliance Army—are preparing to hold talks with the Burmese government and military at the end of January regarding a possible bilateral ceasefire agreement.


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