TNLA Attacks Burma Army Camp in KIA Territory

TNLA attacks Burmese military base in Tamoenye, northern Shan State on Aug. 8, 2019

According to KIA officials, the attack took place in a military-movement area of the KIA’s Battalion 2 under Brigade 10.

The Ta’ang National Liberation Army (TNLA), an ally of the Kachin Independence Army (KIA), attacked a Burma Army camp in northern Shan State’s Muse District on Thursday night, according to local sources.

The TNLA, which is a member of the Northern Alliance along with the KIA and two other non-ceasefire ethnic armed groups, carried out the attack on a camp situated at the top of the highest hill near the town of Tamoenye at around 6:30pm on August 8, locals told KNG.

“The Palaung [Ta’ang] forces attacked the Burma Army camp. We heard the sound of guns shooting for about 30 minutes. The Burma Army’s Infantry Battalion 290 is stationed there,” said a local source who spoke to KNG on condition of anonymity.

According to KIA officials, Tamoenye is a military-movement area of the KIA’s Battalion 2 under Brigade 10.

The members of the Northern Alliance have been seeking bilateral ceasefire agreements with the Burma Army, but the army and the Burmese government have been pushing them to sign the Nationwide Ceasefire Agreement, resulting in ongoing clashes in northern Shan State and other parts of the country’s north.


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