Kachin Churches Close National Schools as Flu Spreads in Myitkyina

The church-sponsored schools have been closed as a precaution against the further spread of seasonal flu among students.

The Kachin Baptist Church (KBC) has decided to temporarily close its Myu Sha Jawng national school in Myitkyina as seasonal flu spreads through the Kachin State capital.

The church-sponsored school, located in Myitkyina’s Jan Mai Kawng Ward, will remain closed until Sunday, according to its principal. The school has been closed since August 7.

“We have decided to close the school for one week. At least five or six students in each class have the flu, which is spreading from person to person, so we had no option but to close our school,” the school’s principal, Lama Naw Tawng, told KNG.

There are more than 180 students studying at the KBC-sponsored national school in Myitkyina. Most of the students are from nearby villages and camps for internally displaced persons in Myitkyina Township.

Another Kachin national school sponsored by the N’Jang Dung Baptist Church has also been closed due to the spread of seasonal flu.

Kachin national schools teach Jinghpaw (Kachin language), Kachin culture and customs, and English literature and conversation.


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