Junta’s Burns Down Entire Village of Maubin near Hpakant Township

Junta troops and militia members set fire to the entire village of Maubin, located in the upper area of Kamaing town on the road connecting it to Hpakant Township in Kachin State locals said.

At around 11:00 am on February 7th, the 297th Infantry Battalion invaded Maubin village and carry out arson, resulting in the destruction of the village.

“The village was set ablaze by the Jahtuzup-based battalion and the militia, resulting in its complete destruction. With only two houses left standing, the displaced villagers are now scattered, disconnected, and uncertain of their fate, amidst disrupted phone communications”, a resident from a neighboring village told KNG.

Eyewitnesses recounted that, except for two houses situated by the bridge at the village’s entrance, the entire village was incinerated by the combined actions of the Junta troops.

Only around 15 households reside in Maubin village, resembling a small community, and with the entire village now reduced to ashes, all villagers are fleeing to seek safety.

Locals speculate that setting ablaze on Maubin village might be an act of retaliation for the loss of Military Council troops during the clashes in which the Kachin Independence Army (KIA) seized control of the Junta’s base in Namting village, situated on the road leading to Hpakant.

“Although Nantein and Maubin are entirely unrelated villages, it appears that the Military Council, defeated at Nantein, has resorted to senseless revenge by destroying Maubin. This action is likely due to the presence of KIA members stationed around Maubin village”, a Hpakant resident said.

During the arson, the Junta troops and militia accused Maubin village of having ties to KIA, according to locals. Currently all villagers, including the village chief himself, are fleeing separately, making it difficult to confirm their whereabouts or establish contact.

KIA seized control of the Junta’s base in Nantein on February 2nd, and as a result, the entire village of Namtein is now under KIA’s control.

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