KIO Chair: We Will Resolve Problems With Other EAOs Based on History

General Nban La, the chair of the Kachin Independence Organisation (KIO), stated that they would address disputes with other ethnic armed organisations (EAOs) during the revolutionary period by referencing historical agreements. Speaking at the 63rd Kachin Revolution Day celebration, he mentioned ongoing territorial disagreements due to troop movements overlapping in certain areas. Nban La expressed confidence in resolving these issues using past demarcations and emphasised the KIO’s commitment to cooperating with other groups to address related problems.

He stressed the importance of inclusive political dialogue immediately after the removal of the State Administration Council (SAC), aiming to establish a new nation that ensures security, peace, and the rule of law for all civilians. Nban La also called for increased youth participation in the revolution, acknowledging its previous weakness in the region.

A Kachin analyst emphasised the need for unity in fighting against the military dictatorship, urging both youths and businesspeople to contribute to the country’s transformation. “During this time, everyone in the country is fighting against the military dictatorship…If the people and the armed organizations are united, I believe the journey will be a successful one.”

Nban La’s annual Revolution Day speech marked a departure from previous years as he focused on post-revolution political dialogue, negotiation, and youth involvement in the armed resistance movement. He encouraged the Kachin Independence Army (KIA) to attract more youths to its ranks voluntarily and cautioned against joining the People’s Militia Force, affiliated with the military government.

The KIA has seized over 30 camps in Kachin and northern Shan states since October 2023.

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