Jet fighter Attacks Buddhist Wedding in Mansi Township

On Tuesday, a regime jet fighter bombed a village while a Buddhist wedding ceremony was happening in Mansi Township in Kachin State. Two people were injured by shrapnel in Ce Ou village, situated in Bhamo District, at about 10 am.

“A bomb landed between the hall and the Buddhist monastery. Shrapnel hit both the hall and the Buddhist monastery, injuring two local women,” a man said. One suffered injuries to her hands, and the other had a thigh injury. Both of them are about 30 years old. Several chickens and dogs were killed during the airstrike.

“They intentionally attacked civilians in a civilian village. There were no clashes in this area,” another man said. There are no ethnic armies active in the area, he explained.

Ce Ou is a small village with only 300 houses and is home to Kachin, Bamar, and Shan nationalities.

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