Northern Alliance Strikes SAC Camps Across Northern Shan State

Member groups from the Northern Alliance have launched coordinated attacks on multiple State Administration Council (SAC) camps during Operation 1027, which began on Thursday night across northern Shan State.

An attack occurred at Infantry Battalion (IB) 241’s camp in Kutkai at 10 pm on Thursday, and the regime retaliated by shelling the area for 30 minutes, resulting in the death of a 40-year-old father of two in Nam Khong.

Other clashes soon followed early Friday morning as the Ta’ang National Liberation Army, Myanmar National Democratic Alliance Army (MNDAA), and Arakan Army simultaneously attacked strategically located camps in five townships.

“We can still hear the sound of heavy weapon firing. As far as I know, clashes have continued in Lashio, Namkham, Hsenwi, and Laukkai townships this morning,” a local source told KNG.

The BBC Burmese edition reported that the TNLA seized SAC’s 13-mile camp (also called Tower Hill camp) on the Namphetka – Namkham road at 3 pm after launching a 5 am attack.

At the entrance to the town of Lashio, the Northern Alliance killed a SAC police sentry and destroyed the tollgate he was in.

The MNDAA seized the town of Chin Shwe Haw in Laukkai Township, shutting down the Lashio – Chin Shwe Haw and Lashio – Muse roads, thus ending border trade with China. The Kokang armed group first attacked a nearby camp at 4 am before overrunning the camp and the town.

At the time of this report, attacks had occurred at the IB 241 and 242 camps in Kutkai Township, the IB 68 camp in Kong Hser and Mung in Lashio Township, Hsenwi Township, the Mongsi area of Mongkoe sub-township, the Sakhan Thit camp in Namkham Township, the Mang Yap mountain camp in Mongkoe Township, and the Chin Shwe Haw camp in Laukkai Township.

SAC shelling has continued throughout Kutkai Township, according to a local source.

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