Locals Complain About Gambling Hall Near School In Mogaung

Residents want a gambling hall in Mogaung closed, fearing the business, which opened in front of a primary school a month ago, will increase crime in Hpoe Chit Kon Ward.

“If people lose their money gambling, they’ll steal from other people,” said one man, explaining that there are people going there every night.

Another source said that several residents have complained to officers from the Myoma Police Station about the place being in front of the school, but they haven’t taken any action.

There are three gambling halls in the town and one of them has moved from Pin Baw to Hpoe Chit Kon. Locals claim the one that recently moved to Hpoe Chit Kon pays the police $2,400 every month, but the KNG hasn’t been able to verify this information.

Since the military coup, gambling and illegal drugs have increased dramatically in Mogaung and other townships in Kachin State.

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