Regime Injures Child And Man After PDF Attack In Indaw

A 3-year-old child and a 30-year-old man were injured when regime forces shelled a ward in Indaw after an attack by resistance forces on the Election Commission (EC) office in the town in Sagaing Region.

On Tuesday, the Urban Guerrilla Unit of the Indaw People’s Defence Force (PDF) attacked the building in Aung Chan Thar ward with two grenades at around 4pm.

“It was just a warning—there was no one in the office and no one was injured,” an Indaw PDF officer told KNG. He said the military fired three shells after the attack and the victims were injured by shrapnel from a shell that struck the market. The other two landed in the cemetery. At the same time, the police discharged their weapons indiscriminately and fired many bullets.


“They (EC staff) are collecting the population list and checking the family registration list in town. They were working out of the office almost every day,” said the officer said.

The toddler and the man are receiving medical attention for their injuries.

The military regime is preparing to hold a national election after taking over the country by force and imprisoning the leaders of the previous government during the coup nearly two years ago.


Resistance forces fighting to overthrow the dictatorship have vowed to launch attacks on the EC and anyone helping to hold the general election.

On 12 January, a man was killed and his wife injured in a regime shelling in Indaw Township. In clashes with the PDFs, the military often attacks civilian areas indiscriminately.

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