Burma Army Vehicle Runs Over Landmine In Myitkyina

A military vehicle hit a concealed landmine as it entered the Bureau of Special Investigation in Aye Mya Thaya ward in Myitkyina, Kachin State. None of the armed groups fighting with the regime have claimed responsibility for the attack.

A local man requesting anonymity reported hearing two explosives that shook his home just before 8pm on Tuesday, 5 July.

Other locals suspect several Burma Army (BA) soldiers were killed in the blast but KNG couldn’t confirm this information at press time. Following the incident, the BA inspected every vehicle entering the Kachin State capital.

BA artillery fire that allegedly wounded two civilians was heard before the military truck detonated the landmine and twice after. KNG wasn’t able to confirm the names of the injured.

In June, unknown assailants laid bombs that exploded three times at the regime’s offices. The first attack on 2 June happened at government housing in Thida, the second at the air force grounds of the Northern Military Command on 19 June and the third happened the next day near Tan Hpre village outside of Myitkyina.

Following the coup, some protesters took up arms to overthrow the military regime after being attacked and detained by the junta’s armed forces. Many of them moved to the border areas where they received training by ethnic armed organisations.

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