PDF Ambush Regime Column In Indaw

The Katha District People’s Defence Force (PDF) shot dead nine Burma Army soldiers (BA) during a firefight in Indaw Township in Sagaing Region. Many more were wounded and some of them later died, according to a PDF officer.

On Tuesday, PDF’s Battalion 2 attacked one of three BA columns travelling on foot from Katha to Indaw. The 50-strong column was attacked near Alae Seik and fighting continued for four hours, according to an anonymous officer of the resistance group fighting to overthrow the dictatorship. The column was sent to protect a military convoy of 30 vehicles travelling from Mohnyin in Kachin State to Katha in Sagaing Region.

The officer said the BA collected the bodies of their fallen soldiers and took them to an unknown location.

After the raid, the regime sent reinforcements and attacked the PDF fighters with artillery.

“We were able to successfully retreat from the fighting area without anyone from our side being injured,” another anonymous PDF officer who was on the frontline told KNG. But a wooden house was damaged by a BA shell.

The PDF frequently fight army convoys on the Union highway along the border between Indaw Township in Sagaing Region and Kachin State.

After the military junta violently attacked unarmed protesters last year some formed PDFs to fight against the BA.

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