Myohla KPDF Ambushes Burma Army In Shwegu Township

The Myohla Kachin People’s Defence Force (Myohla KPDF) allegedly killed many Burma Army (BA) soldiers with landmines when they ambushed a patrol column in Shwegu Township, Kachin State.

More than 80 BA soldiers from Light Infantry Battalion 415 were walking from Shwe Nyein Chan to Kyauk Gyi when they were attacked by 8 landmines at around 9am on 12 June.

“We detonated several landmines when the BA soldiers reached the area, which was about 50 metres from our position….During the explosion, we saw BA soldiers being thrown into the air,” a Myohla KPDF officer told KNG. After the explosions, the resistance group retreated and both sides engaged in an exchange of fire.

The Myohla KPDF tried to collect the bodies of the fallen BA soldiers, but as more troops from LIB 121 arrived, fighting continued for most of the day. Later that night, the BA collected the bodies of their soldiers killed in action.

On 5 June, Kachin Independence Army and a local PDF branch seized a BA camp in Pan Hkawng Yang. The Myohla KPDF attacked BA soldiers retreating from the camp to Kyauk Gyi village on 12 June.

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