Burma Army Pays Compensation To Family Of Murder Victim in Kachin State

The military promised to launch a investigate into three soldiers who allegedly raped and murdered a 51-year-old woman in Momauk Township last week.

On Monday, military officials from LIB-616 and LID-88 met with the victim’s family in Num Lang village to apologize and give them 2.1M kyat ($1,276) in compensation.

“They said action would be taken against the three soldiers according to the law. They didn’t call it a rape case, they said it’s a murder case,” a local man close to the victim’s family told KNG.

Myanmar Alin newspaper, the official mouthpiece for the military junta, reported on July 17 that three soldiers stabbed a woman during a quarrel in Num Lang.

Makhaw Roi’s naked body was discovered in paddy field on July 15 with a cloth tied over her mouth. She went missing the day before on her way to her field, located  2 miles from the village. Her body has been sent to the hospital in Bhamo for an autopsy.

Kachin State Women Network (KSWN) released a statement on July 17 calling for the case to be tried in international court. “The military junta is not our government and we do not accept their actions. Actually, we want it removed from office. Currently, National Unity Government cannot hold court…We will request for UN to take action against perpetrators,” a KSWN official told KNG.

For years, the military has violated the rights of women in Kachin State without facing consequences for its actions, the KSWN official explained.

Makhaw Ro’s family held a prayer service in their house on Tuesday.

Three months ago, there was intense fighting between military and Kachin Independence Army in Nuam Lang village.

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